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“Dynamic training raises the bar. I have never got anything but 5 star training from Perfecting Network.​”
Bishop Randy Borders

“Pastor Fred and Perfecting Network has helped us immensely. There are alot of organizations but not many fathers willing to pour oil and help others. They have helped us spiritually and financially get our church plant off the ground”
Pastor Gabe Mcknight

“I am thankful for the power of this network. It has been a life saver for my ministry having a covering.​”
Pastor Kent

Connection Levels

✔︎ Monthly training for pastors
✔︎ Cutting edge information for church growth
✔︎ Early access to conferences and preferred seating
✔︎ Access to pastoral talks
✔︎ Authentic fellowship to grow, share, and sharpen one another
✔︎ Access to a larger pool of knowledge and cutting edge ideas

✔︎ All the benefits of Gold
✔︎ A more hands on approach to growth
✔︎ Get a personal consultation for church growth
✔︎ Get access to leadership training material and virtual leadership training for lay leaders
✔︎ Get help with developing a plan for growth and stability

Partnership Levels


If you would like to stay updated on events and basic information concerning pastoring, sign up for the gold or platinum membership to get connected.

Mentor / Coaching

You are signed up but you’re seeking more personal growth. You are willing to allow someone to help you see your blind spots and areas of improvement. You know there is more in you and you are ready to get it out.

Covering / Spiritual Fathering

Everyone has a different concept of covering and fathering. We have over 50 plus pastors and churches in our organization and all are affiliated at different levels. Every pastor needs a pastor and every church needs apostolic oversight. This is Biblical. We meet the need of every church and pastor where the are based on their needs. We do not run or own anyone’s church. We simply apply Bible principals of structure and government to help churches excel. Should you have interest for covering or fathering please email us to discuss your need

Frequently Asked Questions

Perfection Network has several arms. We offer covering, mentoring, training for all 5 fold ministry gifts. If you fall in the category or Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher or minister you would qualify for membership.

Yes we ordain and acknowledge all gifts of the body. If you meet the criteria for ordination we will ordain you.

Yes there are annual membership fees that are used to maintain staff and administrative costs for the fellowship.