The Average Pastor is Overworked and Underpaid

American Medical Society has declared pastoring is one of the 5 hardest professions on an individual heart. Most pastors are isolated despite needing help and resources to grow their ministries. After years of studying the habits and needs of pastors Perfecting Network was birthed. No pastor should do ministry alone.

Pastors Academy was designed to take the weight and burden of ministry off the senior pastor.

The health of the church will be predicated upon the health of you the pastor.

You can’t grow a ministry burnt out! Perfecting Network helps you the pastor with tools and strategies that will grow you, your leaders, and your church. If you are a senior pastor in need of personal, spiritual, and leadership grow look no further, connect today.

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✔︎ Monthly training for pastors
✔︎ Cutting edge information for church growth
✔︎ Early access to conferences and preferred seating
✔︎ Access to pastoral talks
✔︎ Authentic fellowship to grow, share, and sharpen one another
✔︎ Access to a larger pool of knowledge and cutting edge ideas

✔︎ All the benefits of Gold
✔︎ A more hands on approach to growth
✔︎ Get a personal consultation for church growth
✔︎ Get access to leadership training material and virtual leadership training for lay leaders
✔︎ Get help with developing a plan for growth and stability

Why Join?

Pastors need help! Seminary school can cost as much as $30,000 a year and it still won’t teach you to pastor. For less than $2500 a year you can learn all the needed skills from administrative, pastoral, to leadership. These skills will help you prevent burnout, fatigue, and depression while trying to lead the people God has called you to.

Here’s Why You Should Become A Member Today

Authentic fellowship opportunities to grow, share, and sharpen one another

To have access to a larger pool of knowledge and cutting edge information

Monthly training for pastors

Access to on demand data and training

Credible organization

Ordination if needed

What Makes Us Different?

There are hundreds of organizations for pastors. Perfecting Network is different in that it is designed to not teach church but train pastors. The organization is dedicated to meeting the exact needs of the pastors. We train in the areas requested and needed to stay relevant and cutting edge. In addition, there is staff and a board that helps, mentors, and imparts into the pastors throughout the year. Its not just a gathering it’s a school for the called.

What People Are Saying

Did You Know…?

53% of pastors report that the seminary did not prepare them for the ministry.

1 out of every 10 pastors will actually retire as a pastor.

71% of churches have no plan for a pastor to receive a periodic sabbatical.

66% of churches have no lay counseling support.

57% of pastors feel fulfilled but yet discouraged, stressed, and fatigued.

28% of pastors report they are spiritually undernourished.

Over 50% of pastors state the biggest challenge is to recruit volunteers and encourage their members to change (living closer to God’s Word).

70% of pastors report they have a lower self-image now than when they first start.